Programs Offered...
VPK: 9:00am-12:00n  
         5 days per week
To qualify for VPK, children need to be 4 years old by September 1st
of this year.VPK students receive the 9:00-12:00 daily
free of charge.
Summer VPK available based on enrollment.
Preschool(2 1/2-5 yrs.): 9:00am-12:00n
    3 days—Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
    5 days—Monday thru Friday
Before and Extended Education are available for VPK and Preschool programs.

Registration Fee
Preschool (per child)                            $200.00
VPK (Before or Extended                    $100.00
 Education - per child)         
 Summer session (per child)                 $ 50.00
Tuition (Effective 6/1/15-5/31/16)

Program Hours(9:00-12:00)
3 days(M/W/F)        $300/month            $75.00/week
5 days                       $400/month          $100.00/week

Full time registered  5 days/wk 9am-5:30pm
                                 $640/month          $160.00/week
Drop In:
Before Care  (7:30-9:00)                             $5.00/day
Extended Education  (12:00-5:30)            $17.00/day

5 day VPK Program (9:00-12:00)                  Free

VPK Extended Care Drop In:
Before Care  (7:30-9:00)                            $5.00/day
Extended Education   (12:00-5:30)          $17.00/day

VPK Extended Education registered 5 days/wk (12-5:30)**
                                   $300/month        $75.00/week
**Before Care (7:30-9:00) is $5/day in addition to the Extended Education rate.

Tuition prices subject to change.