Our Program

The mission of  Ascension  Lutheran  School is to provide an education of excellence in a safe Christian environment

Therefore, we recognize a dual purpose.  We offer foremost a strong, Christ-based education that encourages our children to walk more closely with their Savior as they prepare each day for entrance into heaven. Included in this part of our program are the following components: 
  • Bible History 
  • Catechism instruction for older students studying the specific doctrines of the Scriptures 
  • Memorization
  • Hymn studies 
  • Daily devotions and prayers 
  • A Christ-based view of other curricular components 
  • Christian discipline 
  • A Christian view of current events 
Secondly, but with strong emphasis, we offer a demanding curriculum in the secular subjects with a superb teacher-pupil ratio. That ratio for instructional purposes is typically about 5:1 up to 8:1.  According to educational studies, a ratio of this proportion truly has a positive effect on the educational outcomes for the students. 

Components of the secular portion of our program include the following: 
  • Mathematics
    • Capable students can complete the first year of high school math—Algebra 1—while in eighth grade 
    • Early grade instruction features manipulatives 
  •   Reading Instruction
    • Early instruction stresses both a phonics approach as well as identification of sight-words 
    • Culminates in a literature-based course featuring many Newbery Award-winning novels of children’s literature 
  • Language Arts
    • Writing skills are taught throughout the grades 
    • Strong grammar-based language instruction 
    • Spelling instruction and testing throughout the grades 
  • Science
    • Thematic approach with experiments 
  • Social Studies
    • Follows the traditional approach of expanding circles 
    • Culminates with thorough study of American history and world geography 
  • Art
    • Experience in a wide variety of media 
    • Appreciation of artists and their styles and interpretations 
  • Current Events 
  • Physical education
    • Instruction begins early with large and fine motor skills 
    • Movement orientation 
    • Intermediate and junior high level focuses on team and competitive sports skills and play 
  • Music
    • Classroom instruction includes theory and appreciation 
    • Rhythm instruments utilized 
    • Recorder instruction as lead-up to band 
    • Chime choir (students ring their chimes in rhythm and read music—often performed in our worship services) 
    • Piano and band lessons available during school hours 
    • Singing instruction and performance in various venues 
  • Academic Fair
    • Annually features art displays, dramatic and musical presentations, science fair projects for lower grades 
    • Upper grades alternate projects of science, geography, and history 
  • Drama
    • Children present at least one full production annually, usually in the spring. 
  • Other academic venues
    • Children participate in various venues outside of Ascension's home family in competition with other schools, including math competitions, quiz bowls, fine arts competitions, art competitions, and forensics competitions.
Ascension Lutheran School does not discriminate because of race, color, national and ethnic origin
in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies or any of its school programs.