Ascension Lutheran Preschool uses 3 curriculums:
Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Standards (4 & 5 years)

The curriculum of Ascension Lutheran Preschool is designed to meet the spiritual, physical, 
cognitive and social-emotional developmental needs of our children. The Preschool includes extended hours of developmentally appropriate activities for those children who need a full day of childcare.

Our curriculum is based on our Christian faith, our understanding of child development, current theories in early childhood education, and our knowledge of each individual child, his/her interests, needs, abilities, and background. Our day consists of active and quiet times; individual, small, and large group experiences; and indoor and outdoor play.

During Bible Circle children learn about Jesus through Bible stories, verses, songs, and prayer. This is a large group activity that also fosters children's listening, comprehension, and verbal skills. By teaching the Bible in a child's language through fun activities children find joy in learning God's Word. Doing the "Jesus Way" is how they will want to respond to God's love. We want each child to develop to his full potential to fulfill God's will on earth.

The rich classroom environment allows children to be comfortable and practice the skills they have learned, encouraging them to try new experiences. Children will develop the skills, attitudes, and concepts that will enable them to make sense of the world, be successful and therefore develop a true feeling of self-worth. Following a daily routine helps children feel secure by giving them a sense of control as they come to know what to expect.

The teachers act as facilitators in this child-centered classroom as they guide and extend play to foster learning. Children are encouraged to make choices, engage in active learning, and build relationships with peers and teachers. The learning centers are filled with concrete, process oriented experiences for children. Through supervised play children become better thinkers, better problem solvers and develop creativity.

Other small and large group times involve children in teacher-initiated experiences. These are scheduled throughout the day and may include listening to stories, playing a game, cooking, singing, learning a finger play, experiencing music movement, or planning and sharing.

We believe this curriculum will create capable learners who are able to think for themselves, solve problems, and live as children of GodTheir faith in Jesus our Savior will be strengthened through his Holy Word. Children will be challenged to use language and to construct meaning from print. They will stretch their ability to think logically, solve problems, see relationships, and to use their senses. It is the integration of these preschool experiences that helps children learn and builds a foundation for further education in reading and math.