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Ascension's hands-on, grass roots mission in Paraguay brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ plus life skills to youth and adults in the village of Nueva Alianza. We thank the Lord for this exciting journey!

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As a Christ-centered Lutheran church congregation in Sarasota, Florida, we are blessed and honored to be at the heart of a powerful grass-roots Gospel-based mission / life skills initiative, serving as missionaries and builders in the South American country of Paraguay.


Ascension believes that true faith is committed to connecting people with God, with each other, and not simply talking about God’s love. That means moving out into our community and the world with the good news of God’s love and redemption for them in Jesus... wherever in the world that good news may be shared.

Julie (Juliana) Kennel is an Ascension member and a native of the Paraguayan metropolis of Asuncion, Paraguay.  [continue reading below]

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A Sarasota resident of over 14 years and married to her husband Lavon for 11, Julie first came to know the love and forgiveness that God freely gives her through Jesus. Our shared Christian mission is to carry that same message of comfort to Julie's friends, family, and community back home in Paraguay. God's blessings of connections, time, and talent are turning this vision into successful action.

In 2018, primary construction on a Mission House in the village of Nueva Alianza, just outside Yataity del Norte, was complete. Our mission work in Paraguay focuses on teaching English as a second language in a number of schools in and around the village, training local Paraguayans in useful, long-term life skills that will enable them to better engage their regional economy, and build life-long relationships between the youth of Paraguay and the rest of the world. Through all of this the Gospel of Christ is shared, services and Bible studies are conducted, and training provides local educators, pastors-in-training, and assistants to further the Paraguayan mission effort.


It is our prayer that the love of God would permeate all we do here at Ascension, and that everyone we touch would come to know of their salvation through faith in Jesus!

Join us on our mission to bring Christ to friends both in Paraguay and right here at home in Sarasota, Florida!
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