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Ascension's Bible Growth Groups: Grow in Your Faith!

Want to grow in your Christian walk, sharing conversation with other believers? Growth Groups are small groups of 10-15 people that meet together each week in homes or other places to grow in faith, have fun and meet new people. Ready to register? Click here.


Join us at Ascension Lutheran Church in Sarasota. We're on McIntosh Road near Fruitville Road. If you're in Lakewood Ranch, check out the growth groups at our sister congregation Risen Savior Lutheran Church!

Why join a group? 

  • Groups are a great way to meet new friends. 

  • Groups are an important way to grow in your faith.

  • Groups are a tremendous way to have fun during the week with other Christians.

  • Groups are an easy way to have a support system during difficult times.

All Ascension growth groups are FREE and open to all who would like to attend! 

If you are in the Lakewood Ranch area, contact our sister congregation, Risen Savior, for information on available groups. 



Faith Foundations

Thursday evenings, beginning August 24!! 



Includes 13 sessions, meets at Ascension Lutheran Church (800 McIntosh Road, Sarasota, FL).  

Hosted by Pastor Marty Mielke of Ascension Lutheran Church, Faith Foundations is both a starting point for understanding the simple truths of Scripture, and a great way to connect with others seeking to begin the journey, or a great refresher course in the foundational truths of the Bible!


This Group will meet on (most) Thursday evenings from 6:30p-8:00p, beginning August 24, 2023.


As we connect each week for Faith Foundations, we'll discover crucial points like the 4-Key Concepts of
Christianity; how God connects with humankind through Jesus; what is prayer, confession, baptism, and holy
communion; and, how God connects us with the world: the Christian Church, the End Times, and our roles as
Christian men and women.

The sessions are no-cost and there is no obligation to attend services or donate. Come, learn, ask, and share with other curious minds alongside the seminary-trained veteran pastor of our congregation, Pastor Marty Mielke. Pastor Mielke received his BA from Northwestern College, Watertown, WI and his Master of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

No questions off limits, at no cost, no strings attached. Bring a friend, enjoy some coffee and honest study! Faith Foundations is a starting point for understanding the simple truths of Scripture and a great way to connect with others with similar questions. It's also a a great refresher course in the foundational truths of the Bible!


Mielke, Pastor.jpg
N. Martin Mielke, III 

Pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church


Phone: 941-371-2978


Sermon-Based Growth Groups

1st+3rd or 2nd+4th Thursdays each month from 6:30-8pm 


Registration here.

Sermon-Based Growth Groups are small groups of Christian people who get together twice per month to talk about life, pray for each other, work on special projects together and often share some good food and drink.  It’s a time for Christian people to “talk about the real stuff,” and to do further study of God’s Word based upon questions posed related to the previous Sunday’s sermon text from the Bible.


One of the best gifts God gives us is to know other Christians - other people with whom you can do life together, read the Bible together, pray together, ask questions together, become good friends together, confess together.  A Growth Group is a group of friends you can go to when you face temptation, are anxious, worried, feel jealous, give up on marriage, etc. and they can encourage and pray for you.  It’s an opportunity for Christian people to join together and receive some Grace – the gift from God we do not deserve or expect.


Sermon-Based Growth Groups run from May – September, meeting on 1st+3rd or 2nd+4th Thursdays each month from 6:30-8pm at Ascension Lutheran Church. 

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