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Holy Week / Easter Worship

Looking for REAL HOPE? What better hope is there than in our resurrected Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who conquered death... for US? Join us this week to discover HIS truth!

The world is tough, and times are tougher. Easter gives us something BETTER. It gives sure and certain HOPE to the things God has promised. His promises about this life (and the next) are dependent on Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. This is why the truth of Easter is so important. It assures us that He can and will keep His promises. We don’t need to wish. We can know. Christ is bigger than all of this- COVID-19, job loss, and absolutely every other earthly struggle.

Come discover what Jesus' resurrection from the dead is all about.


Ascension Lutheran Church is a Christian church located in Sarasota, Florida. We proclaim God's Truth: the Good News of Jesus Christ crucified and raised for the salvation of all people. All are welcome; service times are below. We look forward to meeting you in-person or online via our live stream!

April 14th @ 7pm Holy Thursday

April 15th @ 3pm and 7pm Good Friday 

April 17th @ 7:30am Easter Sunrise (outdoor)

                       8:15am Easter Breakfast

                       9:15am Easter Egg Hunt

                      10:00am Easter Festival Worship  (indoor)                                                   (also Livestreamed)

We truly look forward to seeing you this Holy Week. Feel free to contact us here with your questions!

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