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Does what you believe really matter in everyday life?
Can you answer your children’s questions about the Bible?

Do you have questions that have never been answered?

Faith Foundations is an "all questions welcome" Bible class in Sarasota, Florida. Open to the public, this class is where you will discover what the Bible says about your life. If you've struggled to understand the basics of Christianity, have deeper questions, or are simply curious about what the Bible is all about, this is the class for you.

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The experience is at no-cost and there is no obligation to attend services or donate. Come, learn, ask, and share with other curious minds alongside the WELS seminary-trained veteran pastor of our congregation, Pastor Marty Mielke. Childcare is provided upon request; this is a great opportunity for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to experience the Word of God in a casual evening atmosphere.

- Find answers to CORE questions like: What exactly is “sin” and what
does it do to me? What is grace? What’s the relationship between
Faith and Good Works? What role do I play in my salvation?


- Find answers to INTRIGUING questions like: Why did God put the
tree in the Garden of Eden if He knew Adam and Eve would eat from
it? Or, how did the evil angels fall away? What was Satan’s first sin?
What will happen on Judgment Day?


- Gourmet Coffee, juice and light refreshments make it an enjoyable
evening of friendship and personal interaction


-CHILD CARE will be made available upon request

Questions? Contact us here, and see you at Faith Foundations!

N. Martin Mielke, III 

Faith Foundations: Come Discover Biblical Truth!

Ascension Lutheran Church
Sarasota, Florida
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