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Join us this week for Christ-centered worship at Ascension Lutheran Church, streaming live or in-person from our church in Sarasota, Florida! Here you'll find a Christ-centered, Biblically-sound message that touches the people of today, a family-friendly atmosphere, and an attitude that binds us together in love.

We strive to treasure God, serve others, and celebrate family through the truth that only God's Word provides.



“Let there be light,” God said (Genesis 1:3). God was not speaking a wistful wish into the darkness. He was declaring what would now be. “God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” God speaks and reality results.

When we speak words, they are often meaningless. Sometimes, one’s words are meaningless because they are spoken without true knowledge, or because they were spoken insincerely. Still other times, one might make a sincere promise, but he lacks the ability to do what he said, making his promise meaningless. Words are often meaningless. But everything God says is meaningful. God speaks with absolute knowledge. God never lies. And God’s words possess God’s awesome power. Thus, it is God’s words that determine our reality. It is God’s words that establish our faith, transform our hearts and minds, and direct our lives along meaningful paths.

During the first half of the Church Year, we focused on the life of Christ. As we begin the second half of the Church Year, we turn our attention to the teachings of Christ… to the Son of God’s words. We gather each week to let the Holy Spirit do the work Jesus promised he would do in the way Jesus promised he would do it—through his Word.

Can't join us in person? You're welcome to...

 Join us this Sunday morning to worship the Lord!

9:30am EST Sunday Morning Worship, or join us on Livestream or Facebook!

Faith Foundations Bible Course

So many questions... about life, about God, about the Bible and what it really says and means! Small group sessions begin October 27th; more dates/details here.  NO questions are off limits! Come and take a first step into discovering a solid foundation upon which to build a life of joy and meaning! No strings attached. Bring a friend!

Christmas Movie Night: Dec. 3rd!

Ascension families and friends- JOIN US on December 3rd at 6pm for The Grinch (2018 animated version), popcorn and cocoa will be provided. Bring your favorite lawn chair, blankets, family and friends!

Grow in your faith with Bible Study and Growth Groups!

Weekly Bible Study (on-site): Sundays @ 10:45am. Contact us for optional Zoom link to join remotely.

Ascension Growth Groups: Study the Word of God while connecting and sharing life with fellow believers. Upcoming groups include "Faith Foundations" and "Simply Marriage." Register today!

Parent of toddlers? Check out Mornings with Mommy!

Engaging, fun, social, and an excellent way to spend time with your young child- and other Sarasota moms! Here's more info and sign-up page.

Ascension is a church of the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and is a Christ-centered congregation, focused on Biblical doctrine expressed in a family-friendly atmosphere. Our traditional Christian services feature classic hymns with occasional contemporary songs performed in a reverent, blended style to lend a modern element to our traditional Christian worship service.


In these short devotional videos, Pastor Marty Mielke of Ascension sheds light on some challenging questions through the lens of God's Word, the Bible. Browse Ascension's Christ-centered devotional videos now.

We share the love of Christ and His Gospel because of what God first did for us.

Ascension's mission is to partner with Sarasota-area families and visitors through our Lutheran church and school. We offer children's Sunday school and adult Bible studies courses for Christians at all stages of Scriptural maturity. Our on-site, full-time academic school provides Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade award-winning, accredited education for a student body made of young minds from many walks of life.


Ascension's Christian church and school family, through the blessing of the Holy Spirit, provides a nurturing, dedicated environment for Christ-centered worship, growth, and outreach. Here's what we believe.

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